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  • Ergonomic design: The whole pillow adopts ergonomic design, which fits the curve of the head in a stable sleeping position and is soft and comfortable
  • Edge reinforcement on both sides of the zipper: The edge reinforcement on both sides of the zipper is more secure and easy to remove and install. Three-dimensional square pillow with zipper design, fine workmanship, neat edges, not easy to take off the line, good quality
  • Skin-friendly and breathable: skin-friendly and comfortable, easy to clean, clean and healthy, improve work efficiency and create a beautiful start. At the same time, the hyperbolic design of the pillow can effectively stabilize the sleeping position and facilitate grafting operations. At the same time, the curve conforms to the curve of the head, which improves comfort and is not tired after lying for a long time
  • High resilience: skin-friendly and pressure-resistant, not tired after a long sleep, high elasticity provides you with a comfortable experience. Use assured. Combined with the workbench, it can improve the customer's comfortable experience and also improve the work efficiency of the eyelash artist
  • Comfortable and efficient: You can lie down for a long time during beauty treatment, and you can relax and relieve fatigue. Easy to use and considerate. Shears are easy to handle and durable

U Shape neck Pillow

SKU: 3
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